Bladder weakness, yes or no? Make the test specifically for women!

Do you have bladder problems? Interactive test for women

Overactive bladder, bladder weakness, bladder infection – many women are affected by these problems. Our interactive test helps you to differentiate the various symptoms and learn more about the cause of your symptoms. Please note that the test can in no way replace a medical diagnosis – it should only be used as an aid or preparation before your medical consultation.

Do you have frequent urges to urinate?

Note: As a guideline going to the toilet up to 8 times a day is within the normal range; increasing the amount you drink can also lead to an increase in urination in the short term.


UROSTEMOL® femina: traditionally used to relieve frequent and urgent urination

Strong bladder due to UROSTEMOL® femina
Pelvic floor training may have a preventive effect against incontinence. The right training makes all the difference!

Pelvic floor exercises:
Useful exercises for better bladder control

The therapeutic pumpkin is included in the UROSTEMOL® preparations. This is grown in our own cultivation specifically for producing pharmaceuticals.

Discover more about the FINK® therapeutic pumpkin


UROSTEMOL Men & Femina, these are traditional herbal medicinal products for use in the relief of lower urinary tract symptoms related to an overactive bladder or bladder weakness, exclusively based upon long-standing use. Visit your doctor before use to rule out any underlying conditions. Always read the leaflet.