Flush out pathogens of cystitis by copious drinking, is one of the most effective preventive measures.

Avoiding bladder infections

Is it possible to prevent a bladder infection? Most bladder infections are caused by bacteria that have entered the bladder via the urinary tract. Therefore, regularly drinking plenty of liquids is the best preventive measure as any pathogens present are flushed out with the urine. However, an intact immune system is still the most effective weapon against a urinary tract infection: a nutritious diet provides the best foundation for this. And follow a few simple hygiene rules.

  1. Drink a lot!
    By regularly drinking a lot of water, the bladder is thoroughly flushed out and the risk that bacteria can become established is reduced.

  2. Go to the toilet regularly!
    Empty your bladder regularly and completely – not just when it’s bursting. This ensures that pathogens have less time to become established. Women who have a tendency to develop bladder infections can prevent this by urinating in the 15 minutes after sex. This flushes out any microbes that can lead to an infection.

  3. Protect your bladder from the cold!
    Avoid sitting on cold surfaces and keep your feet warm. And change quickly out of wet swimwear or sports clothing.

  4. Hygiene – follow one simple rule!
    Wipe from the front to the back when cleaning yourself after a bowel movement. This reduces the risk that bacteria from the gastrointestinal tract end up in the urethra.

  5. Suitable clothing protects the bladder!
    Always keep your lower body warm. Preferably wear cotton underwear and wash it at 60°C to kill off most microbes. Pants should not fit too tightly to avoid irritating the genital area.

  6. Eat healthy food!
    Ensure you follow a balanced diet. The ideal is a high-protein and varied diet. Avoid a diet based purely on plants or heavily salted and spiced food. Salt and spices can irritate the bladder and can encourage bladder infections.

  7. Prevention using plant power
    Plants such as watercress, eucalyptus, horseradish and cranberries have traditionally been used to prevent bladder infection.
  • Hygiene

    The right level of hygiene not only helps to avoid skin irritation by residues of urine. Also bladder infections can be avoided with it.

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  • Weight loss
    Weight loss

    Excess pounds harm the entire body and can be a contributing factor to many diseases. Body weight also plays a significant role when suffering of urinary incontinence . Read more here.

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  • Train your bladder muscles
    Train your bladder muscles

    Frequent urges? Bladder weakness? You can also train your bladder.

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  • Drinking properly has to be learnt!
    Drinking properly has to be learnt!

    Drinking less can seem like a good idea to prevent going to the toilet, but drinking enough is one of the most important measures to keep your bladder healthy.

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  • Ways to relax
    Ways to relax

    Bladder weakness or overactive bladder can have stress-related causes. Find out ways to relax and calm your bladder.

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