If the treatment of bladder symptoms is successful, you should carefully document in a micturation diary and take it with you to your next appointment.

You can also train your bladder muscles

Train your bladder by aiming to empty your bladder at regular intervals. Try to empty your bladder regularly at particular times to counteract the constant involuntary urge to urinate.

It can be helpful to keep a treatment diary to monitor the frequency of urination and your fluid intake. You will be able to gradually increase the intervals between each emptying of the bladder.

But don’t go overboard! Holding out too much and for too long can also damage your bladder and prostate.

So that you and your doctor can assess whether your treatment is going well, you should carefully complete your micturation diary and take it with you to your next doctor’s appointment.

  • Avoiding bladder infections
    Avoiding bladder infections

    Drinking plenty of water, a nutritious diet and an intact immune system are the most effective weapons against urinary tract infections.

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  • Drinking properly has to be learnt!
    Drinking properly has to be learnt!

    Drinking less can seem like a good idea to prevent going to the toilet, but drinking enough is one of the most important measures to keep your bladder healthy.

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  • Hygiene

    The right level of hygiene not only helps to avoid skin irritation by residues of urine. Also bladder infections can be avoided with it.

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  • Weight loss
    Weight loss

    Excess pounds harm the entire body and can be a contributing factor to many diseases. Body weight also plays a significant role when suffering of urinary incontinence . Read more here.

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  • Ways to relax
    Ways to relax

    Bladder weakness or overactive bladder can have stress-related causes. Find out ways to relax and calm your bladder.

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