Do something good for your bladder - with stress reduction

Ways to relax

Keep moving
Gentle endurance exercises such as hiking, walking, cycling and swimming are not only healthy for the whole body and ensure greater well-being, but they also strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and support the treatment of bladder dysfunctions.

Meditation enables us to get some peace and to concentrate on what is essential. It can help you to increase your physical, spiritual and psychological well-being.

A good cup of tea relaxes and helps to reduce stress.

Drink tea (without caffeine)
Have a little ‘pleasure break’ in the afternoons with a good cup of tea. Tea relaxes, does you good and helps to relieve stress. Certain types of tea have a relaxing effect and are calming. Ask a specialist in a tea shop for the right ‘well-being blend’.


Asian movement therapies
Throughout Asia, special movement training such as yoga, tai chi or qui gong have become established over hundreds of years as a means of effectively bringing body and soul into harmony and achieve internal equilibrium. Appropriate courses are provided by gyms, adult education centres and various public institutions.

A good massage relaxes the muscles, relieves physical and mental stress.

Particularly in times of severe physical and spiritual strain, a good massage can work wonders: feelings of numbness are eased, muscles are relaxed and psychological and physical stress is alleviated. Gently massaging your forehead and temples with your fingers is also easily done yourself.


Relaxation music, audio books
Make yourself comfortable, put your feet up and listen to the soothing music. Or let yourself be carried away to another world by a relaxing audio book. This clears your head and helps you to let go of the strains of daily life.

A warm bath relaxes the muscles, calms the nerves and provides holistic wellbeing.

Take a bath

If you’re battle weary and suffering from tension and nervousness, treat yourself to some blissful downtime in the form of a warm bath. A bath relaxes your muscles, calms your nerves and improves your whole well-being. Candlelight, incense sticks or gentle music also contribute to a cosy atmosphere.


Remember delightful moments
Allow yourself a few minutes every day just for you. Lose yourself in lovely reminiscences and simply dream for a moment. You’ll see how stress and tension just fall away and you can face daily life with greater energy.

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