Strengthen and support the bladder and prostate: the natural ingredients of UROSTEMOL®  Urologicals

Herbal formulations

A weak or sensitive bladder, overactive bladder, bladder weakness, frequent urges to urinate, incontinence – these are all different terms to indicate various bladder dysfunctions and symptoms.

In Ireland alone there are more than 350,0001 people who are suffering  – with women making the majority of those affected. The symptoms and problems affect daily life and sometimes considerably impact the well-being and quality of life.

UROSTEMOL® urological preparations such as UROSTEMOL® Men and femina have been traditionally used to relieve urination symptoms related to an overactive bladder for more than 50 years. They are specifically designed to treat various bladder problems in men and women. UROSTEMOL® herbal medicines have traditionally been used for many years and are well tolerated.

The key ingredient of the UROSTEMOL® herbal medicines is the FINK® therapeutic Pumpkin. Specifically the seeds play a special role in our preparations, as they contain important substances called delta-7-sterols, which are a type of phytosterol that are very rare in the plant kingdom. These are traditionally used for the relief of urination symptoms such as frequent urges to urinate, urinary leaks and increased urgency to urinate. The seeds of the FINK® therapeutic Pumpkin have an exceptionally high content of delta-7-sterols.

In cases of bladder weakness for both men and women, the seeds from FINK® therapeutic Pumpkin have been traditionally used for many years to help the bladder function.

UROSTEMOL® is available over the counter in Boots and Lloyds pharmacies. Don’t hesitate to consult your doctor or ask your pharmacist for advice about your bladder problems and make use of their expertise, experience and advice. 

The following FINK® therapeutic urological preparations are available:



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    Frequently asked questions

    Important information on UROSTEMOL® products and what to look out for when self-medicating the urinary tract, the bladder and the prostate.

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UROSTEMOL® MEN: traditionally used to relieve frequent urination

UROSTEMOL® MEN: traditionally used to relieve frequent urination
UROSTEMOL® femina: traditionally used to relieve frequent and urgent urination

UROSTEMOL® femina: traditionally used to relieve frequent and urgent urination



UROSTEMOL Men & Femina, these are traditional herbal medicinal products for use in the relief of lower urinary tract symptoms related to an overactive bladder or bladder weakness, exclusively based upon long-standing use. Visit your doctor before use to rule out any underlying conditions. Always read the leaflet.